A Note About This Blog


I’ve always been enamored with royal ladies and their jewels. It began years ago with my beloved late mother who admired Queen Silvia of Sweden. I think Queen Silvia might even be my first royal memory. Then came Diana and her wedding gown and my fate as a royal watcher was sealed. 

As I grew older, I gained an appreciation for royal history. During my travels, I made a point to visit museums that housed items of royal provenance. This meant dragging my poor husband to numerous jewelry exhibitions, but he was a very good sport about it and even acted as my royal photographer. Afterwards, I penned little articles about the items I admired but kept them locked in a drawer. This blog is the culmination of years of visiting and admiring royal jewels and dusting off articles I’ve been writing.

How I wish I could tell my mother that I’m writing about all of her favorite queens…

Thank you for stopping by and reading.