An Ottoman Diamond Tiara

© Sotheby’s

Today’s tiara is a rarity. The unique diamond and ruby tiara, set in gold, dates to the Ottoman Empire. It was made in Turkey around 1800. Ottoman Sultans retained jewelers at court; in 1526 the Sultan retained around 90 jewelers. This tiara was probably made by such an artisan in the Sultan’s service.

© Sotheby’s

The tiara follows a favorite motif of Ottoman jewelry; nature. The focus of the ornate headpiece is a large diamond floral rosette; its petals set in sparkling diamonds. The floral sprays surrounding the center are set with diamonds and rubies. The crown-like tiara is topped with the star and crescent moon motif.

It was sold by Sotheby’s in 2011 and I can just image the grandeur of this tiara when it was worn. I’d love to see this tiara repaired, polished and worn again, but I don’t think that will happen. My guess is that it was bought for sentimental reasons or to display as decorative art.



Turkish Cultural Foundation

2 thoughts on “An Ottoman Diamond Tiara

  1. It would have looked amazing worn back in those days. And I agree; it would have been wonderful to see it restored and cleaned. Stunning. Also very interesting as I don’t really know that much about jewels used in the Ottoman Empire.

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