The Russian Field Diadem – The Reproduction

Screen shot of the Russian Field Diadem reproduction from this AP Archive video.

Last week we discussed Empress Maria Feodorovna’s Russian Field Diadem. If you recall, it was sold by the Soviets and never reappeared in public again; most likely it is lost to history. You can catch a glimpse of the tiara in this 1926 British Pathé video.

In the early 1980s Soviet jewelers recreated the tiara for the Diamond Fund. It’s not an exact copy; you can see that the jewelers took liberties with the design as the tiara seems to be filled in a little more than the original. It may be a reproduction, but the tiara is completely set with natural diamonds. Another difference is that the center is set with a large yellow diamond. You’ll recall that the original tiara’s center was set with a sapphire.

I feel that the reproduction honors the spirit of the original and that the original owner, jewelry connoisseur, Empress Maria Feodorovna would approve.

What do you think of the reproduction?