The Coronation Earrings

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The Coronation Earrings were worn by Queen Elizabeth II for her coronation in 1953. Since her coronation, the queen has worn the earrings at other important events. The earrings were also worn at the coronations of Queen Consort Mary in 1911 and Queen Consort Elizabeth in 1937.

The magnificent diamond earrings were originally made for Queen Victoria by Garrard. She had the earrings made because in 1857 a good chunk of her family’s jewels were sent to Hanover when Victoria lost a lawsuit about where the jewels belonged. Victoria must have loved the earrings as she wore them quite often.

You can spot the diamond earrings in Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee portrait from 1897.

Fun Fact: You can buy a replica of the earrings (made of crystal) at the Royal Collection Shop.


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