The Delhi Durbar Tiara

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The magnificent Delhi Durbar Tiara was made for Queen Mary by Garrard to wear to the Delhi Durbar on December 12, 1911. The Delhi Durbar was a ceremonial gathering in honor of King George V’s succession as King Emperor of India. Garrard used the stones from the dismantled Boucheron Loop Tiara to create the tiara. The tiara is actually a circlet and designed in a band of forget-me-not leaves and flowers; the floral theme makes it a very romantic tiara. Don’t you think?

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Queen Mary was very creative and wore her Delhi Durbar Tiara in a couple of different ways. You’ve probably seen images of Mary at the Delhi Durbar where she was wearing the tiara mounted with ten large emeralds. But she also wore it mounted with two of the Cullinan diamonds, as seen above. The cushion-shaped Cullinan diamond (62 carats) was secured by a wire to sit at the top of the tiara. The other Cullinan diamond is a 92 carat oval and hung within the tiara’s front opening.

It’s an impressive diamond tiara, fit for a queen. What do you think?


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Tiaras: A History of Splendor by Geoffrey C. Munn

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