The Duchess of Roxburghe’s Cartier Tiara

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The Duchess of Roxburghe‘s tiara, made by Cartier in the 1930s, is a modern, geometric design. The tiara is set throughout with sparkling circular-cut diamonds. The top is mounted with a series of larger collet-set diamonds. It’s a gorgeous tiara! Made almost 100 years ago, it is still very much a wearable tiara.

3 thoughts on “The Duchess of Roxburghe’s Cartier Tiara

  1. Such a lovely tiara and definitely worth wearing even today! Only too bad that there are too few tiara events these days. But maybe some day the days of elegant evening wear will return.


    • Too bad indeed. I hope later this year we will have the Nobel ceremonies to enjoy! I love seeing the Swedish Royal ladies in their tiaras and gowns!


  2. Yes, let us keep our fingers crossed. It would be wonderful to see some regal glitter again, and the Nobel Prize is such a joy to watch: both the ceremony itself AND the King’s Dinner the following evening. It is a wonderful “invention” allowing us to see the elegance and splendour of the Swedish Court two evenings in a row! I also hope next year things will be back to a somewhat normal situation again and that we will see some glitter both from the Danish and the Swedish Royals.


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