Queen Soraya’s Diamond Star Tiara

Wikimedia Commons

Queen Soraya of Afghanistan (1899-1968), Afghanistan’s first Queen Consort, is photographed in her Diamond Star Tiara. Today Soraya is remembered for being a progressive royal. She was a vocal proponent of gender equality.

Sadly, the Afghan Civil War (1928-1929) drove Soraya and her husband, King Amanullah, into exile. They settled in Rome.

I do not have any additional information on this tiara. My guess is that it was made in the early 1920s. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any further details on Soraya’s tiara.

4 thoughts on “Queen Soraya’s Diamond Star Tiara

  1. Sadly I do not have any information about the tiara, but it is definitely a rather grand piece. Maybe not the most beautiful one I have seen, but still it is quite the statement tiara. The necklace she is wearing in the photo also looks stunning. I suspect the dark gemstones are emeralds..?

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