How to watch Prince Philip’s funeral

Prince Philip’s official flag.

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 17, 2021) is Prince Philip’s funeral. May he rest in eternal peace.

You might spot Prince Philip’s personal standard on his coffin. If you do, here is what each section stands for: The three lions and ten hearts are borrowed from the Danish coat of arms. Before his marriage, Philip was Prince of Greece and Denmark. On the upper right is the white cross with blue background borrowed from the Greek flag to represent his birth land. On the lower left, the black and white stripes represent the Mountbatten family. Last but not least, the castle represents the city of Edinburgh, which was his title (Duke of Edinburgh).


If you’d like to watch the funeral, below are a few links via YouTube that I hope will work for you.

Via CBS News starting at 9:30 am ET

Via The Telegraph starting at 9:40 am ET / 2:40 pm BST

Via Global News