Tuesday’s Royal Trinket: Princess Margaret’s Diamond, Pearl and Gem-Set Bracelet

© Christie’s

Princess Margaret’s auction at Christie’s is a treasure trove of history. If you have time, take a look at the 2006 Christie’s auction. Honestly, I’d classify Princess Margaret as a bit of a hoarder because she seems to never have let go of any of her belongings. But then again, if I was the owner of countless Fabergé and priceless heirloom jewelry I’d never want to let go of them either.

Today’s trinket is a bracelet that was given to Princess Margaret by her mother Queen Elizabeth. The diamond bracelet is set with one natural pearl, one sapphire and one ruby.

But before it belonged to the Queen Mother it belonged to her mother-in-law Queen Mary because she received it as a Christmas present in 1929 from King George V. And before that, it belonged to Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia. What a provenance!



Christie’s: The Jewellery Archives Revealed by Vincent Meylan