Tuesday’s Royal Trinket: Engagement ring of Princess Mary Adelaide

© Royal Collection Trust

Prince Francis of Teck proposed to Princess Mary Adelaide with a gold ring. The ring is set with five table-cut rectangular Burmese rubies and twelve diamonds. The engagement ring, with its open setting, is very much traditional looking and would not look out of place today. The inside of the ring is inscribed with “Franz, April 6, 1866.” Mary and Francis were the parents of Mary of Teck, the future spouse of George V.

Engagement Photograph of Philip and Elizabeth

© Royal Collection Trust

In memory of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, let’s take a look at a photograph that marked the engagement to his beloved wife, Elizabeth.

The photograph above commemorates the official engagement announcement for HRH Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. Their engagement was announced on July 19, 1947 at Buckingham Palace.

You can’t see it clearly, but Elizabeth is wearing her new engagement ring. Her diamond ring was designed by Prince Philip and made using diamonds from a tiara that belonged to his mother, Princess Alice.

It is truly the end of an era…

A Tidbit About Queen Victoria’s Engagement Ring

© Royal Collection, via Wikimedia Commons. Queen Victoria wearing her wedding dress, painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

Prince Albert wasn’t allowed to propose to Queen Victoria because she was a reigning monarch. However, after Queen Victoria proposed to Prince Albert, he gave her an emerald and ruby engagement ring set in gold. What’s unique about this ring? It’s in the shape of a snake. It was quite the fashion in Queen Victoria’s day to wear serpent-like rings. Serpents were thought to represent love so it makes sense that Prince Albert commemorated their engagement with such a ring.

The engagement ring is buried with Queen Victoria, but you can find a similar style here.

Queen Máxima’s Engagement Ring

© RVD – Erwin Olaf, Royal House of the Netherlands

One of my favorite royals is Queen Máxima of the Netherlands because of her vivaciousness. She wears clothes and royal jewelry with enthusiasm and sometimes her motto seems to be more is more is more. I love that about her and we’ll talk more about Queen Máxima and her tiaras another day. Today, let’s briefly chat about her engagement ring.

King Willem-Alexander proposed to his love, Ms. Máxima Zorreguieta of Argentina, with an oval-shaped orange diamond ring. The rare orange diamond is flanked by two white diamonds set in platinum and encrusted with numerous brilliant-cut diamonds. King Willem-Alexander was feeling patriotic with this particular diamond. As Prince of Orange it was fitting to gift his bride, the future Princess of Orange (now Queen), a rare orange diamond. I think the orange diamond is beautiful and suits her exuberant personality very well. What do you think?


Royal House of the Netherlands